The Spoon

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Manufacturer Description

Going Body Surfing?
If you're a body surfing enthusiast, you'd know that the kind of equipment you use defines your performance. Any ol' handplane just won't do. At Salt Creek Palmboards, we decided to turn our passion for body surfing into a venture that will help us connect with other body surfers out there. The Spoon model boasts a large surface area and a concave bottom, which improves stability and manoeuvrability.

Comfortable, Robust, and Sturdy
Every palmboard we sell undergoes intensive quality tests that allow us to make sure that you get the best palmboard for the best price. We design our palmboards to meet the rigorous demands of body surfing. Designed for comfort and function, Salt Creek Palmboards are built to last.

What You'll Get
Each order comes with 1 palmboard (The Spoon), 2 hand straps (small & large size) & 1 wrist leash. Easy to assemble, you'll be ready to go body surfing within minutes of unpacking the box!

Never Lose Your Handboard Again!
The Spoon Palmboard from Salt Creek Palmboards is fully buoyant, and comes in three colors (blue, yellow, white) that make it easy for you to spot in the water!

Made in California
All our products are designed and manufactured in California, from fully recyclable materials; stainless steel hardware, saltwater safe and UV protected plastic and rubber. Salt Creek Palmboards is a proud member of 'One Percent for the Planet', which gives 1% of our annual income back to the environment.

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