Wavestorm™ 8' Pinstripe Graphic Classic Surfboard

Wavestorm™ 8' Pinstripe Graphic Classic Surfboard
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Manufacturer Description

Wavestorm™ is one of the most recognized soft surfboard brands in the United States and the 8' classic surfboard is one of the best-selling & performing learn-to-surf boards of all time! The 8' classic surfboard has fun built into its virtue being light, soft & easy to handle. Using Wavestorm’s™ extensive manufacturing experience, the 8' classic surfboard has been consistently developed to make the most of spending days by the ocean and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. There is no better feeling than catching that first wave and riding it to the shore – making memories that will last a lifetime. History:Wavestorm™ has been creating soft sports technology for the past 20 years. With experience in developing materials best used for sport and outdoor equipment, the Wavestorm™ brand has always brought innovation to create fun, simple family-time items. Quality: Wavestorm™ Classic Longboards feature a strong EPS core with 3 marine-ply stringers and a resilient EBS IXL soft crosslink top deck with textured grip. The bottom slick is a HDPE slick bottom gives a quick snapback and keeps the core rocker. Ability Level: •Good for beginner surfers •Experienced surfers can ride this board as a fun-board for summer waves and for step-off fun in good waves. What's Included: •8' Classic surfboard with a multi color graphic •Pre-installed leash plug with removable ankle leash •Removable bolt thru thruster fin set •Traction pad Board Features: •Strong EPS [expanded polystyrene] core with 3 marine-ply stringers •Soft EBS crosslink top deck and rails •Textured traction pad for stable foot placement •High Density HDPE slick bottom skin •Graphics on Wavestorm™ boards feature a patented GFT™ (Graphic Film Technology) and will not fade in UV sunlight. •Strong bolt thru board components •Weight capacity: Up to 200 lbs Specs.: •Length: 8’0” •Width: 22 ½” •Thickness: 3 ¼” •Vol: 86 liters •Carry Weight: 11.5 lbs

Product Features

Features: Suggested Weight Capacity: 120 lbs EPS Core with 3 x Marine-ply Stringers Textured IXL Graphic Film Crosslink Decking Resilient HDPE Bottom Skin Adjustable Youth Size Paddle, Fin & Leg Leash Included

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